Classes of Membership

When SONS OF NORWAY FOUNDATION IN CANADA was formed, four classes of membership were established. These classes were: Voting Memberships, Sustaining Memberships, Life memberships and Honorary Memberships.

Voting Memberships are membership units acquired by Lodges and affiliate groups based on criteria established by the Foundation. Representations of voting memberships are explained in the Governance Section. Representatives of Voting Memberships have voting rights at Foundation general and special meetings.

Sustaining Memberships are held by all Canadian Sons of Norway members as long as their memberships are in place. Sustained members have no voting rights.

Life Memberships were awarded for direct donations of $100 or more. Issuance of Life memberships was discontinued in 2014, however, Life Memberships do not expire. Life memberships were replaced by a donation pins program. Life memberships have no voting privileges.

Honorary Memberships are issued to those who have made significant contributions to our Foundation. This special recognition is limited to only ten members at any one time. Honorary memberships have no voting privileges.

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