Growing Our Foundation!

A donation to SONS OF NORWAY FOUNDATION IN CANADA is a meaningful way to make a difference.

Your donation will help ensure:

  • the preservation, for future generations, of the many programs offered by SONS OF NORWAY FOUNDATION IN CANADA;
  • that members of the Nordic community and others have opportunities to support the preservation of our Culture and Heritage; and
  • the continuance of making bursaries available for post-secondary and apprenticeship students.

Making Donations

For information on making donations, please contact Foundation Treasurer, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There are five ways to make your donation:

  • Interac e-Transfer Open or Close

    e-Transfer from an on-line account:

    • Log in to your on-line account;
    • Select Interac e-Transfer (some require selecting ‘Transfer’ first);
    • Enter recipient name: Sons of Norway Foundation; then enter recipient email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  .
      • Note: Some agencies limit number of characters (including spaces) in the recipient names, simply enter the name up to the character limit and the transfer should proceed.
    • Transfer process:
      • Enter amount to be transferred, ensure this is coming from correct account;
      • The process is Autodeposit and does not require the Q&A verification.
      • If there is a message box, please enter your name, and if you are a member of Sons of Norway, enter your Lodge name and number.
      • Please complete the process by filling out the Foundation Donation form CF 006 (on line) and submit to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – this will also identify special instructions on donation routing.
  • Direct Donations Open or Close

    Direct donations will be credited to the General Fund, and will be noted for special purpose if that is specified in the donation form.

    • Use Form CF 006 – indicate in Section 1 which fund is to receive your donation. The donation with the Donation Form can be sent directly to our Foundation Treasurer or forwarded through your Lodge Foundation Director.
    • When completing the Donation Form (CF 006) be sure to fill in your Lodge name and number so the donation can be credited to your lodge for the Founders Award program.
    • Memorial donations can be made to the General Fund or Channeled to another recipient (see Channeled Donations information). The family or representative will receive a letter of condolence and notification that a donation has been made in memory of their loved one. Use Form CF 006.
  • Publicly Traded Securities Open or Close

    Canadian Tax Laws permit donations of Publicly Traded Securities, such as common shares, to charitable organizations including SONS OF NORWAY FOUNDATION IN CANADA. This way, capital gains may not have to be paid or be substantially reduced on investment gains. It is recommended a tax specialist be consulted to determine if such donation process is advantageous. Our Foundation has a special securities receiving account to facilitate receiving donations of publicly traded securities in the manner required by Canadian tax laws and regulations.

    This type of donation can be direct or a channeled donation. Please use Donation Form CF 006 to provide information on donation purpose.

    If you are considering donation of publicly traded securities, you or your broker should contact an Officer of our Foundation.

    A tax receipt will be issued to the donor once the process is complete.

  • Channeled Donations Open or Close

    Individuals or groups can make channeled donations to other charities or registered non-profit groups. It must be noted the recipient agency must meet the recipient criteria consistent with our Foundation Bylaws and Canadian tax regulations.

    Please contact a Board member if you have questions regarding eligible recipients for channeled donations.

    Please use Donation Form CF 006 and fill in Designated Recipient section and send to the Foundation Treasurer (Name and Address is shown on donation form.)

  • Bequests – Leaving a Legacy Open or Close

    Leaving a Legacy is a unique way to support SONS OF NORWAY FOUNDATION IN CANADA in preserving our great Heritage and Cultural mosaic for generations to come.

    You, your lawyer and/or your accountant should contact a Foundation Officer to work on details of your legacy gift, or if you wish, to establish a special legacy fund. This way, you can ensure your proposal meets your wishes and the Foundation’s requirements and standards.

    Making a Bequest:

    • is Simple – A charitable bequest can be made at any time for any amount. All that is needed is to include instructions in your Will for a bequest in favour of SONS OF NORWAY FOUNDATION IN CANADA.
    • is Tax Friendly – Your estate will receive a tax receipt for the full amount of your bequest. This may reduce the taxes payable on the estate tax returns. When writing or updating your Will, ask you lawyer to determine the most advantageous bequest process for your estate. This may vary from province to province.
    • is Flexible – A bequest can be in any amount or a percentage of your estate. Changes can be made to your Will regarding the bequest at any time.

Note: Donation cheques must be made payable to SONS OF NORWAY FOUNDATION IN CANADA.

Click here to view and download a PDF version of CF006 Donation Form. (PDF files require Acrobat Reader to view and complete. If you are experiencing difficulties opening a form, click here to upgrade to the newest version.of Acrobat Reader.)

Donation Options

All donations are acknowledged by the issuance of tax receipts for use in Canadian tax returns.

You have the option to specify how your donation is to be used by SONS OF NORWAY FOUNDATION IN CANADA. If you wish to direct it to a specific support program – please indicate your preference in the Donation Form CF 006.

  • General Fund – All donations are deposited to the General Fund account. Designated donations will be credited to the designated fund balance sheet.
  • Cultural Grants – supports Lodge and Affiliate groups in their Heritage and Cultural events.
  • Tormod Rekdal Cultural Grant – enables financial assistance to persons taking courses or workshops that provides training for Heritage and Cultural skills trainers.
  • Lysne Rosemaling Grant – supports workshops for Rosemaling skills trainers.
  • Post-Secondary and Trade Apprentice Bursaries – are generally supported by the General Fund. However, there can be situations when a donor prefers to make donation(s) in support of specific study program(s).
  • Bjarne and Karel Thorshaug Norwegian Studies Bursary and Grant – provides financial assistance to those taking courses that include 20% course load in Norwegian Language, History and/or Culture.
  • Folkehøgskole Bursary – provides financial assistance to students attending Folkehøgskole in Norway.
  • University of Oslo International Summer School – provides financial assistance to students enrolled in the University of Oslo International Summer School.
  • Humanitarian Financial Support Fund – provides financial support to people who have suffered catastrophic losses to their homes, home inventory and/or properties.

Humanitarian Financial Support Fund

This Fund is designed to enable individuals or groups extend financial benefits to others and claiming tax deductions for their donations.

Lodges and affiliate groups are encouraged to contact a Board member if they are aware of members who have suffered catastrophic losses and could use some financial help.

Setting up a Humanitarian Financial Support Fund project:

  • A sponsoring group (local Sons of Norway lodge or affiliate group may initiate a funding project based on a report setting out reason(s) for the project. The funding project and the duration of the project will need to be approved by the Foundation Board of Directors.
  • The Foundation can also initiate a funding project, particularly if there is a broad catastrophe (such as the Fort McMurray Forest Fire). Funding projects under this program can be sponsored by a Sons of Norway lodge or affiliate group.
  • Once a project is established, the Board will advise members of SONS OF NORWAY FOUNDATION IN CANADA of donation and grant opportunities.

To make a donation to the Humanitarian Financial Support Fund:

  • Use Donation Form CF 006, and mark “Humanitarian Financial Support Fund” in Part 1.
  • Donations can also be completed by online Interac E-transfers.
  • A humanitarian funding project can be aimed at losses for an individual, or, it can be community type losses such as the Floods of Southern Alberta or the Fort McMurray Forest Fires. However, grants will only be awarded to individual applicants.
  • Forward the donation and Donation Form to the Foundation Treasurer at the address shown on the Donation Form.

Donor Recognition

Much of our fundraising involves Sons of Norway lodges and members in Canada as well as affiliate groups such as Torske Klubbs.

The Foundation tracks all donations from individuals, Canadian lodges and affiliate groups. The recognition is based on accumulated donations (gifts) and when certain levels are reached, donation recognition pins are awarded as follows for donations reaching:

  • $100 – Bronze Pin
  • $500 – Silver Pin
  • $1000 – Gold Pin
  • $2000 – Platinum Pin
  • $5000 – Platinum Plus Pin

In 1985, the Founders Award program was established as an incentive for Sons of Norway lodges to participate in continuous fundraising. The Founders Award is awarded each year to the lodge with the highest per member total of direct donations.

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